Does Online Marketing Actually Work?

For many business owners, finding the right digital marketing company to work with can be tricky. In my years of experience in this field, I have encountered many cases where clients couldn’t get their desired results despite hiring several different agencies.

Previously, I had a conversation with one of our clients about how he struggled to get favorable results from various digital media companies he had hired in the past. He owns an eye care practice, and he was struggling to get the amount of new patients each month that he wanted.

This client was very vocal about how much he wanted to book more eye exams, help more patients, and eventually grow his bottom line. In short, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish for his business.

To achieve his goals, he tried many online marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization strategies and pay per click strategies. He even had a new website built amongst other things, but it just didn’t seem to help his business that much.

He realized as time went on that he was not really getting any new patients as a result of his marketing efforts, and he wasn’t  building any real momentum at all.

He knew that most marketing and advertising was moving to online mediums, but he was just not having much success with it.  When this client first came to us, he was dead set on the idea that online marketing simply didn’t work- at least not for him.

I explained to this individual that while it may seem like these techniques do not work very well, and I can understand his frustration with them, I assured him that these techniques work more often than not. I explained to him that in most cases, it is not the strategy or technique itself that is not working, it is has more to do with the person or agency that you hired to implement the strategy.

Many times, business owners, including my client, fail to realize that they might be working with the wrong partner or person. If that is the case, they can get easily overwhelmed and frustrated by the money they are spending and the lack of results they are getting.

Many of you right now might be like the client I just described.  You may have previously tried various digital marketing strategies, and partnered with different agencies, and still failed to receive the results that you had hoped for, or that were even promised to you.

If that’s the case, I encourage you to take a fresh look at digital marketing strategies and keep an open mind, because I 100% guarantee you that they work, and in most cases they work like crazy for local businesses.