Should You Rank Your Internal Pages or Just Your Home Page?

Keeping up with the latest Google algorithm can be quite challenging. In fact, most people struggle to rank their website efficiently.

Business owners, in particular, utilize search engine optimization to get their name out there and boost sales. However, it’s not easy as it sounds.
For one thing, to rank higher in the search engines you need an efficient strategy. So, is there a better way to achieve higher ranking power with search engines? Is it better to focus on ranking the homepage alone or other internal pages on your site as well?

Personally speaking, the best way to get your site up and running with the quickest results in search engines is to keep a balance between your homepage and inner pages.
For instance, if you have a specific product or service that you offer in one particular area, ranking your homepage is fine for that.

Let’s say you have a pressure washing business and that you only offer pressure washing in one particular area; then it’s totally fine to focus on ranking only your homepage in search engines.

However, keep in mind that a homepage still needs supporting content not only to help it rank, but for overall user experience as well.

So for example, you want to add an internal page, you might consider pages about power washing decks, power washing driveways, or power washing fences — all of which support your main theme of pressure washing.

By doing this, users who land on your site are going to find useful and relevant information, which will make them stick around your website longer.

When to build links to internal pages

Now if you offer multiple services or products in more than one area, then it’s better to focus on ranking the internal pages.

Technically, your homepage should serve as a hub for other inner pages on your website that you need to optimize.

So let’s say you are an attorney that deals with bankruptcy, criminal, and personal injury cases with offices in Dallas and Austin Texas. Then it would be a good idea to designate separate pages for each service and location in your website.
You would have to build out your site with an inner page dedicated to bankruptcy issues in Dallas, another page for bankruptcy cases in Austin, and so on.

Now each of those inner pages should be powered by your homepage, which should be a very high-level overview of the products or services that you offer, as well as your target areas.
Keep in mind that any one internal page is independent of all the other internal pages, so you need to treat each of them similar to a homepage regarding ranking.

However, remember that your homepage is still where a lot of the power should come from. Therefore, you shouldn’t need to do as much to these inner pages to get them to rank as you would your homepage.