History of Town and Country MO

If you’re wondering about the History of Town and Country, Missouri, you’ve come to the right place. This historic city was established in 1823 and has a diverse population. Its residents enjoy a high median household income. The city’s government center is located west of Clayton Road and Ballas Road.

Founded in 1823

Before zip codes, the city of Town and Country had no official name. However, the Tipton County Court of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions appointed surveyors to lay out the town. They surveyed seven streets and 106 town lots. The first town lots were sold on April 12, 1825. The proceeds were used to build the county courthouse. The first courthouse was a framed, two-story structure that measured 20 feet by 30 feet. It was completed in July 1825.

It is a Suburb of St. Louis

Town and Country is a suburb of St Louis County located in western Missouri. This suburb has quiet residential neighborhoods, cul-de-sacs, and sprawling woodlands. The area is a popular choice for executives due to its proximity to the city and easy commute times. This area also has several parks and is part of the Parkway School District. It is also home to the exclusive Bellerive Country Club.

Residents of Town and Country can take advantage of the many cultural activities and attractions in the area. The Town and Country Theatre offers ballet performances and theatre performances. There are also a variety of educational institutions to explore. Libraries in the area offer elaborate architecture and provide a comfortable study space.

Town and Country is located near the Missouri-Illinois border and along the Mississippi River. It is best to visit this area in the cooler months of September and May. During the winter, the weather can be cold, but the temperatures are more pleasant. The area is a safe place to live and enjoy a vacation.

Wildwood is a popular destination for nature lovers. Its scenic trails and nature preserves make it an ideal location for hiking. Wildwood is also a good place to visit if you love animals and butterflies. Chesterfield is a northeastern suburb of St. Louis and is about 22 miles from downtown STL. It is home to the Butterfly House and is a great destination for families.

It Has a High Median Household Income

The median household income in Town and Country, MO is $62,810. This is above the national average, which is around $43,000. However, there are some factors to consider when looking at a community’s median household income. One of these factors is the race and ethnicity of its residents. The most common race/ethnicity in Town and Country is White. There were 1,897 degrees awarded to White students in the city in 2020. The second-most-common race/ethnicity group was Black or African American, with 306 degrees awarded.

Compared to other cities in Missouri, Town, and Country, MO has a high income per capita and low crime rate. It is a safe place to raise a family. There are also many parks and recreational opportunities in the area, including Green Park. This park has tennis courts and ball fields, as well as picnic shelters. The city is also one of the wealthiest in the state, with a median household income of $139,967 and a low poverty rate of 1.9 percent.

In addition to a low percentage of elderly residents, Town and Country have a young population. It has a median age of 52.1, and only 10.7 percent of its population is over 50. This means that businesses looking to expand should have no trouble finding skilled employees.

It Has a Diverse Population

The population of Town and Country, MO is comprised of a wide range of ethnicities. The most common race/ethnicity is White, with a population of 9.05. There are also a large number of Asian and Two+ non-Hispanic residents. The median age of all residents is 52.1.

The area’s population is primarily white but is also home to large Hispanic and Asian populations. Despite its small size, Town and Country, MO has a vibrant and diverse community. The city is home to two big St. Patrick’s Day parades and has many Asian and Hispanic restaurants.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Missouri has a diverse population. Approximately 77% of the population is Christian, while 3% practice non-Christian faiths. About 20% of the population is unaffiliated with a religion. Missouri was acquired through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The territory included the northern portion of present-day Louisiana. In 1812, the region was renamed the Missouri Territory. In 1819, the southern portion of the territory became the Arkansas Territory. In 1821, Missouri was admitted to the union as a state. Then, in 1837, the Platte Purchase was added to the state’s boundaries.

While immigration reform remains a hot issue, the ethnic makeup of the United States may change in the near future. According to the WalletHub website, the 500 largest cities in the U.S. were ranked by their racial and ethnic composition. These racial and ethnic compositions are based on birthplace, language, and race.

It is a Common Birthplace

Town and Country, MO is home to a number of schools and institutions. The town is also home to Christian Brothers College High School, a Catholic school. The campus is located on North Forty Outer Road, and Westminster Christian Academy recently moved to its new campus off Maryville Center Drive.

The town has a population of over 9.05k people, most of whom are White. Other groups that comprise the community include 1.47k Asians and 299 Two+ non-Hispanics. There are also a number of military personnel living in Town and Country.

The median household income in Town and Country, MO is $202,974, which is more than double the U.S. average of $64,994. The median income for households in Town and Country, MO is 5.18% higher than the average for households in Missouri. As a result, the town has a high percentage of homeowners (88.6%), as well as a high percentage of households with two or more vehicles.

After the founding of the United States, the town of Town and Country, MO was able to expand its boundaries to the west. Voters approved a major annexation in the 1970s. These new boundaries added property north of I-64/40. The town now includes the Western Electric Manufacturing Company property, the Principia School property, and Manchester Meadows.

It Has a Long History

Town and Country MO is an American town that is well known for its beautiful homes and outdoor lifestyle. The town was incorporated in 1950 as a village and reincorporated as a fourth-class city 25 years later. During the early years of the area’s history, this small community served as an important gathering place for farmers. It was also home to community dances and town meetings.

It is located in the western part of St. Louis County, about 16 miles from downtown and 25 miles from the scenic spot where the Mississippi River meets a Missouri stream. This small suburb is perfect for families who want to live in a rural setting while still being close to great public schools, shopping malls, and entertainment options.

Real Estate in Town and Country, MO

Real estate in Town and Country, MO is among the most expensive in the state. There are only a few neighborhoods in the town, so home prices tend to be high. Check the MLS Listings and Schools to see what is available. There are also a number of attractions in the area.


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MLS Listings

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Town and Country is home to three parks, which offer recreational activities and educational classes throughout the year. The community also features a number of community events and art galleries. The surrounding area has three school districts: Kirkwood, Parkway, and Ladue. Additionally, there are private schools available, including the highly regarded Christian Brothers College High School.

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Town and Country, MO is a suburban community with excellent access to the St. Louis metropolitan area. This neighborhood offers well-established homes that are perfect additions to the St. Louis Real Estate market. Town and Country real estate offer a wide variety of home prices, ranging from $225,000 to $2,000,000, with the median price in 2014 being $825,000.


Schools in Town and Country, MO have an excellent reputation for high-quality education. There are 23 private schools in Town and Country, MO. Whether you’re looking for a public or private school, you can find the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a parent or a student, you’ll want to research your new neighborhood’s schools before relocating.


There are plenty of things to do in Town and Country, Missouri. There are museums and historic sites to explore. You can ride horseback or take open-air tram tours that cross the Arkansas border and encounter wildlife. The city is home to the Titanic Museum and the Titanic Memorial Room. If you’re a history buff, you should also check out the Jefferson City Museum. It features galleries and museums and has many notable historical artifacts. It also has a state capitol building and a vibrant downtown that offers live entertainment and shopping.

Missouri is a beautiful state with stunning landscapes. The state is dotted with scenic mountains, rich history, and a number of historic landmarks. Its cities are full of attractions, ranging from family-friendly theme parks to nationally recognized museums and historic sites. The state is also home to scenic parks, campgrounds, and resorts.

The state has many historical sites, including the Governor’s Mansion. You can also visit the Missouri State Penitentiary to learn about Missouri’s history. The State Museum of Missouri houses historic and natural collections. You can also view the famous Lewis and Clark Monument, a one-of-a-kind sculpture. Another great place to spend the day with the family is Worlds of Fun, a family-friendly theme park with many thrill rides.


The City of Town and Country, MO is a small community with a population of 11,640. This community is comprised of two different neighborhoods. Although it is not the largest city in Missouri, home values in Town and Country consistently rank among the highest in the United States. Those living here will be happy to find that it is a great place to raise a family.

To find the perfect place to live in Town and Country, MO, you must first decide what is important to you. For instance, do you want to live in a quiet neighborhood with a good school district? If so, you can choose a city with low crime rates. You can also select neighborhoods based on your home/rent budget.

Homes for Sale

Town And Country, MO is a growing area in the St. Louis region. The median sale price for a single-family home in Town And Country was $735,000 in 2016. Prices in the area have increased by 29% in the past five years. Some of the most desirable neighborhoods are Horton Place and Mason Heights. These communities are known for their beautifully wooded properties and are often tucked away from the street.

Homes for sale in Town and Country, MO are built on spacious lots, providing privacy without compromising accessibility. Residents are close to the business district, major highways, and cultural arts. The school district is exceptional and there are numerous hiking trails and parks in the area. These factors make Town & Country a desirable place to live.

The Town and Country, MO housing market is relatively active, with over 35 homes listed for sale in September 2022. The median listing price was $885,000, with over 5 listings selling above their asking price. In addition to single-family homes, Town and Country, MO also have a large variety of commercial real estate for sale.

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