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Spector Group Digital Media knows that creating the ultimate exposure for your business or practice is vital to your success.  In today’s high technology world, major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have become the new “yellow pages.”  Having a website that nobody can find is like placing a billboard in the middle of the desert!

What is SEO?

Quality search engine optimization (SEO) will get your site on the first page of all the major search engines, so that when someone is searching for the product or service you offer, your business or practice will pop up right in front of their eyeballs!  They will find you, instead of your competitor.

SEO is a “catch all” term which is comprised of many different strategies. There are a variety of methods that can be used to improve search rankings, and Spector Group Digital Media knows which one is the best for your business or practice.  At Spector Group Digital Media we create unique content, build quality, “white hat” links, and get you powerful press coverage.  All of this, plus additional strategies designed to increase your revenue.


What is SEO and Why Do I Need it?




What Can SEO Do For Your Business?

  • Think about this.  Your website should be a 24/7/365 lead and sales machine.  It will never call in sick, it will never be late for work, and it will never complain about working too hard and not getting paid enough. It will do whatever you intelligently tell it to do such as generate leads, make sales, capture opt ins, book appointments, request information, or just about anything else you want it to do.  Search engine optimization is the catalyst and foundation for turning your website into the perfect sales person.
  • SEO is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to increasing your number of prospective customers, clients, or patients.  However, search engine optimization strategies all by itself may not allow you to reach your HIGHEST potential.  Other forms of digital marketing such as pay per click, social media, and video marketing, along with other variables such as website design and online reputation, will all have a hand in helping you exponentially grow your business or practice.  So, at Spector Group Digital Media we show you how to best integrate search engine optimization best practices intelligently into your marketing mix to get maximum results.
  • At Spector Group Digital Media we realize you may have spent a small fortune on your website, and are very happy with the way that it looks.  We also know it can be very disheartening when you find out you need to spend more money in order for anyone to find your site in the search engines.  However, Google and other major search engines needs help to understand what your business is all about.  Search engine optimization is what gives Google what it needs in order to understand your business.  Spector Group Digital Media knows exactly how to get the search engines to understand your business so they showcase your business when someone searches for your product or service.


When Should You Start SEO?

If you are building a new site, then search engine optimization techniques should begin when you start the website build.  If you already have a website and “want SEO” done to it, there is a good chance you are going to have to modify your current site to some degree.  You cannot just take any site and “throw” SEO on it.  That is not how it works.  That would be like baking your cake first, and then pouring the eggs over the top of it. Search engine optimization is a recipe, and all the ingredients must be mixed in at the proper time.  At Spector Group Digital Media, we have created a recipe that will help your website A LOT, even if you didn’t start in the right order.See how well your current website is built by getting a free search engine optimization audit


How Much is SEO Going To Cost Me?




Why Choose Spector Group Digital Media For Search Engine Optimization?

  • World class web design and redesigning!
  • No long term contracts!
  • Free search engine optimization analysis!
  • Thorough keyword research analysis!
  • Competitor research analysis!
  • Google analytics dashboard to measure results!
  • Powerful, ethical link building strategies!
  • Complete reporting and performance tracking!
  • Updates made when Google’s algorithm changes!
  • Advanced search engine optimization techniques and strategies!
  • Adherence to Google and search engine optimization best practices!
  • Optimized blogs with fresh custom content and syndicated to 20+ social profiles!
  • Much more!
  • Unlimited free training and support!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee- if it’s not right we will make it right free!
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